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Hello to everyone.

For some time, all of us broadwaysecrets readers have voiced our concerns about on-time posting, and to be frank posting in general, and suggested a need for more moderators and more action. I've been particularly vocal about this on at least two posts.

The primary moderator until this point, _______awshucks, no longer has the time or the drive to moderate this community actively, what with her real life entanglements, including two jobs. Keeping an eye on things is about all she can do at this point. She has reached out to the community in the past to add an additional mod to post/do what they want with the community, in order to try to bring life back to it, and met with no response. Until now.

Hi, I'm gdelgiblueeyes, and I'm the new moderator of broadwaysecrets. I love this little community, because it celebrates what I like to call the Michael Riedel in all of us. We all have deeply felt opinions about theater; we all love to chat and socialize; and we all have gossip, usually about actors. This is a place to post all of that, and have some dishy fun while we're at it, while of course keeping the rules of the FAQ in mind.

I've successfully and effectively co-managed Jesus Christ Superstar Zone since 2008; sure, there have been a few snags along the way, but we have always managed to move past them, and keep things running smoothly. We've just hit almost 600 members, and discussion is flourishing. But as much as I love JCS Zone, I love this little community as well, and I don't want to see it die. I have a lot of great ideas to keep this place rolling, and I'll outline some of those in the next few days, but for now, keep your submissions coming in, and hang tight -- we're gonna make it!
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